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Dec. 5th, 2013


December 05 clearance items

These items are all secondhand, worn, or on clearance. Please read description before purchasing.

1)Sheer unsymmetrical skirt ($5)
It fits SD10/SD13. The elastic is a bit small, so it'll only fit dolls with thin thighs/butt.

2)Blue floral dress ($5)
It fits SD13/SD16/IPLE nYID.

3)Pink/grey cardigan ($5)
It fits SD13/SD16/Iple nYID. It has no buttons.

4)Checkered pencil skirt ($5)
It fits Iplehouse nYID/ SID. There is a slight iron burn on the bottom red ribbon.
Shoes and accessories.
1) Pink booties ($23)
Fits SD13/SD13/SD16 (NOT Iplehouse girls). These shoes are almost new.
2) Brown ruffled heels ($23)
Fits SD13/SD13/SD16 (NOT Iplehouse girls). These shoes are NEW.

Nov. 27th, 2013

Mini Dre

26 November 2013 sale items


((worn on Iplehouse nYID Rexy))

High waisted skirts are available in these 5 prints.
Made of cotton (machine wash friendly).
Each skirt is $10.00

Ruffled miniskirts are available in these 3 prints.
They all have working pockets.
Each skirt is $15.00

For payment and shipping information, please refer to this post.
Thank you for looking.

Nov. 28th, 2012

Mini Dre


ABOUT ME (must read!)

* I am located in San Diego, Californiua, United States.
* I do not live with pets.
* Everything is smoke free.
* I accept paypal only! No fee.
* I offer FREE shipping within the continental United States. 1St class, no tracking.
* Other shipping methods are available.
* I ship international.
* Due to my working schedule, I can only ship on Saturdays (unless stated otherwise.).
* I have feedback here, on Ebay and other marketplace forums (DoA).


* They are tailored to fit standard SD13/SD16 and Iplehouse nYID/SID/EID girls.
* When placing an order, please indicate the size and color.
* Everything is in stock unless stated otherwise.

Email : fuwafuwaviva@gmail.com
You can also find me at gelatobaby.tumblr.com for more updates and future sales!

Feel free to send me a message! Thank you

Dec. 20th, 2009


Seller/Buyer FEEDBACK

 This is my FEEDBACK post (both buyer and seller). It is used to keep track of mail, sales, buyers and overall, feedbacks. I am open to suggestions and comments. But please, no flames. i do accept critques and advice, but flaming dosen't bring anything to anyone. If you have bought or sold something to me, please reply to THIS post in the following format:

How is the communication?
Was the price/shipping fair?
Was the item accurate to the description?
Was the item packed well?
Comments? Advice? 



Thank you all so much for leaving me a feedback. It would help me greatly and i will be sure to leave feedback for you (just ask)~